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Single SMS API:

Promotional SMS API: message&route=##

 Promotional SMS DEMO API: message&route=4

Transactional SMS API: message&route=##

Transactional SMS DEMO API: message&route=1

Multiple SMS:,91999xxxxxxx&text=test message&route=##

SCHEDULE SMS: message&schedtime=2015/12/31 22:35:00 PM&route=##

GROUP SMS: message&groupid=###&route=##



Parameter Information

Parameter NameDescription
Account Parameters
userYour login username
passwordYour login password
APIKeyInstead of the username and password you can use the apple key for authentication of account
Message Parameters
senderidApproved sender id(6 characters string only).
channelMessage channel promotional or transactional
routePass the route id in this parameter to route the message. Click Here for more information regarding your routeid.
DCSData coding value (Default is 0 for normal message, Set 8 for unicode sms)
flashsmsFlash message immediate display (Default is 0 for normal sms, Set 1 for immediate display)
numberRecipient mobile number (pass with comma seprated if need to send on more then one number)
textYour sms content
Optional Parameters
schedtimeSchedule date and time for scheduling message (DateTime formate will be 2014/10/06 20:30:00 PM yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss PM)
groupidgroup id for numbers