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Sell whitelabel Bulk SMS, Whatsapp Marketing, Bulk Voice call to your customers at your own set prices.

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Complete Whitelabel

Get a readymade business on your name so that you can sell easily.

Hosted Solutions

We host the WhatsApp marketing application for you so that you

Great Customer Support

Our team is here to assist you with anything you need. All you need to do

Your Own Prices

You set your prices. No terms and no conditions applied.

Sell online Make a profit Repeat.

Get your White label by making a single payment. You can now decide your own charges and resell it based on your client's budget. Isn't that fantastic?

Sell Quickly

We offer a product. We offer videos and tutorials that are simple to understand. We teach you so that you can now market to your consumers and simply persuade them to utilise bulk SMS, bulk WhatsApp, and bulk voice calls using the Whatsapp API.

White Label Bulk SMS Reseller Panel

We give you the tools you need to create your own Brand Portal and specify the start and finish dates for clients that pay you. We will covertly provide the required technology and resources while you concentrate on building strong relationships with your clients.

Hosted Solutions

You need not worry about the updates provided by WhatsApp or managing the website. We will host the application for you and prices are already included. You just have to point your domain name to our IP address. We will guide you for the same.

It’s Like We’re There, But We’re Not!

Online WhatsApp marketing software platform branded with your company name is included with the plan with hosting provided.

Harness the Power of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most powerful upcoming channel for marketing and we provide you with a tool that you can leverage to resell WhatsApp services.

Create a Business Like No Other!

We are the only Whitelabel service provider on top of WhatsApp cloud API. There is a massive demand for WhatsApp marketing and we provide you with the exact official tool.


How it Works?

We Give You Bulk SMS RESELLER PROGRAM, Bulk Voice, Bulk Email and Social Media Marketing. You take care of branding, customer support, and billing.

Whitelable Bulk SMS Reseller
  • Get Started in a matter of minutes.
  • Get a fully functional front end with your logo.
  • Start small and scale your business.
  • Get refunded any time for unused credits.
SMPP Bulk SMS Reseller
  • Enjoy multiple routes and fast deliveries.
  • 24×7 Support from our technical teams.
  • Our SMS Gateway provides full redundancy, complete security, and guaranteed reliability.
  • Manage your front end with our worldclass SMPP connects.
Co-branded Bulk Reseller
  • Get all the benefits of Whitelabel or SMPP.
  • Co-brand your business with Blesssms brand name.
  • We will take care of billings for you and you will get your commissions.
  • If you need we will also create your web presence and online sales channel.
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Bulk SMS Reseller- FAQs

Do the SMS Re-seller and White label are different than others ?

Yes. A re-seller sells the Bulk SMS to their customer while using the service provider’s panel. However, the white label company run’s independent charge whatever you like to charge your customers and create your own added revenue for your company.

Can I access from any part of India?

Blesssms gives the freedom to access from any corner. As long as you have Internet access, you will be able to send SMS from anywhere

How do I become a bulk SMS reseller?

To become an SMS reseller one must subscribe to a technology arrangement with provider like Blesssms. The provider will enable you with technology and connections with the telecom operators and you will be able to sell Bulk SMS services to your customers. The provider will also guide you to register your self for any government mandated requirements like DLT registration that is required in India.

How do I start an SMS business?

To start Bulk SMS business you may follow these steps: Subscribe with a technology partner like Blesssms Register your self as a Telemarketer as per TRAI regulations, Blesssms will help you get registered. Build your own website and store, if you do not have one then again Blesssms can help you build on for yourself and even manage it for you. Hire some staff and start reaching out to customers to provide them world class Bulk SMS service with proper API’s.

What is bulk SMS Reselling?

Bulk SMS Reselling is a mode of business where business owner creates technical systems and purchases Bulk SMS capacity from the aggregators or Telcos and then further resells it to its customers and dealers. While the Bulk SMS re-seller becomes the front of the business for providing billing, and technical support the entire system connects to the telco carriers systems an enables delivery of messages in bulk.

Bulk SMS reseller business is built on business owners ability to reach out and be able to sell the services, the technology part is relatively easy and one should always look to tie up with reputed and responsive business partners like Blesssms.

What are the Advantages of Becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller?

Low investment required to start the business. Pay as you go model allows business become profitable right from the begining Scaling of business is easy as it primarily depends upon Marketing and Sales efforts.

Business owner can choose to operate in the segment of industry where he is comfortable. One can choose to operate among Large Enterprises, Small and medium sized enterprises or Micro enterprises.

Potential for growth is almost unlimited as increasingly more and more automation is being built around SMS technology.

Partner aggregators like Mtalkz will provide you full support to start your business from scratch and build it up.