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WhatsApp Chatbot For Businesses

The age of hyper-connectivity is causing a major transformation in communication, creating newer ways to understand consumer behaviours and interests. Chatbots offers the greatest opportunity to create interactive and spontaneous engagements with your customers. Blessweb solution Chatbot capabilities include one-of-a-kind SAAS based bots that can be integrated within any of your messaging channel – sms, voice, and Whatsapp. Our cross channel communication bot effortlessly connects with your customers in language of their choice and provides great degree of support to sales, marketing, and customer care departments.

Hundreds of companies are expanding their support to new and upcoming platforms to reach their consumers where they are. Chatbots are the perfect tool to address growing needs of modern consumers and client-facing businesses.


Drag-and-Drop builder
Configure your chatbot within minutes with ease to use drop and drag interfaces, allowing you to build and manage Chatbots yourself.
Zero Coding

Get instantly started! Let Blessweb solution set the complete process for you in a snap without you to code or build anything. We ensure you have full control over your stored data that streamlines bot’s performance.


Conversational Chatbot helps agents communicate with consumers in real-time via websites, mobile apps, social networking sites, and corporate messaging systems. It allows consumers to contact you via their chosen messaging channels, resulting in a genuine omnichannel experience.

Lead Qualifications

Intelligently coded bots are active even during the non-business hours. There always-on availability to clients allows them to manage queries, book appointments, set reminders, and reduce similar time-consuming tasks. This also helps to boost sales and even prospecting for new leads.

Increase efficiency with integrations

By integrating our chat builder with your existing systems, platforms or databases, you will be able to provide a more comprehensive and tailored customer experience, allowing them to interact with you in a more fluid and effective way. Connect across any system and automate your processes and improve data quality.

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Get WhatsApp Chatbot Integration For Your Business

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Develop WhatsApp Chatbots With Blessweb solution That Work Along With Your Business’s Live Agents To Generate Leads, Drive Sales, And Build Loyalty.

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Improved First Impressions

Whatsapp Chatbot guarantees that conversations have a positive impact. In addition, these bots are adept at cultivating client connections and making a positive first impression on potential consumers.

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Lower Costs

Routine contacts are automated to save acquisition and retention expenses while providing a pleasant client experience.

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Accelerate Conversions

Bots are bound to boost revenues while sending quality leads to your active agents. Sales agents can then concentrate on forming relationships through hyper-personalised dialogues.

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Increased CX

Companies can boost customer satisfaction by offering faster, accurate and reliable responses to client inquiries. This allows companies to earn customer trust and increase credibility.

Why Chatbot?

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Send time-sensitive communications without missing an alert ever.

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Convenient for small businesses who are looking for easy option.

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99.5% uptime and high throughput for quick message delivery.

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Reliable, safe and secure way of communicating with multiple stakeholders.

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WhatsApp Chatbot – FAQ

How to create a Whatsapp chatbot?

To create a WhatsApp Chatbot, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Apply for WhatsApp Business API.
  2. Plan the conversation and create the chat flow.
  3. Use a chatbot creator and host your data.
  4. Test your chatbot
  5. Install the API chatbot on the number

Please note that these are general steps, the process of creating a WhatsApp chatbot may vary depending on the chatbot building platform you choose, and the specific requirements of your chatbot..

Can we create a chatbot on WhatsApp ?

Yes, it is possible to create a chatbot on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to automate their customer service, provide personalized notifications, and send updates to customers via WhatsApp.

To create a chatbot on WhatsApp, you will need to use a third-party chatbot development platform that supports WhatsApp integration, such as Dialogflow, ManyChat, or Chatfuel. These platforms offer tools and features to design, build, and deploy chatbots on WhatsApp.

What is the best chatbot for WhatsApp ?

Blessweb solution provides the Best chatbot for WhatsApp and also Push Notification service.

How do I use a chatbot on WhatsApp ?

To use a chatbot on WhatsApp, you will need to first have the phone number of the business or service that has set up the chatbot. Here are the general steps to use a chatbot on WhatsApp:

  1. Add the business phone number to your contacts: To interact with a chatbot on WhatsApp, you need to add the phone number of the business or service that has set up the chatbot to your contacts.
  2. End the chat: When you are finished interacting with the chatbot, you can end the chat by sending a goodbye message or simply closing the chat.

How to integrate chatbot with WhatsApp ?

  1. Choose Mtalkz chatbot platform that supports WhatsApp Business API.
  2. Set up a verified WhatsApp Business account.
  3. Use the chatbot platform to define the chatbot’s functionality and rules.
  4. Integrate the chatbot with your existing systems and processes.
  5. Start using the chatbot by sending messages to your business’s WhatsApp number.
  6. Monitor the chatbot’s performance and refine its functionality and rules as needed.